Amber Breaker

Amber Breaker

○ブランド名: #Hentai_Industries


○配信開始日: 2017/03/31

○原画: #Jacky

○シナリオ: #assault

○ゲームジャンル: #ADV

○ボイス: あり

○シリーズ: #

○ジャンル: #巨乳 #辱め #触手 #レズ #外国語版 #ファンタジー

Amber Breaker infiltrates the enemy’s lair in search of the missing Ruby and Lapis.
However, she too gets caught in Zodiac’s web and, at his mercy, is consumed,
body and spirit, in an unimaginable maelstrom of agony, humiliation, and ecstasy.
To make things worse, the allies Amber came to save appear before her, and at
their hands, she suffers mind-breaking and body-crushing euphoric torture.
Just what waits at the end of her journey?

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