Nakadashi Banzai

Nakadashi Banzai

○ブランド名: #U・Me Plus


○配信開始日: 2017/01/13

○原画: #陽秋ゆう

○シナリオ: #始門弦武

○ゲームジャンル: #ナンパGo!Go!AVG

○ボイス: あり

○シリーズ: #

○ジャンル: #処女 #人妻 #ナンパ #中出し #外国語版 #サマーセール2020第3弾

A main character who loves nothing more than flirting fucking and cumming inside.

Today he"s off to the big city and on the hunt for girls!

Once a target girl has been selected you"ll need to sweet talk her into letting her guard down ram it inside and don"t forget the creampie!

Find those girls! Scatter the bait! Make “em drop their guard!
And don"t forget to finish “em off with a Nakadashi!

Welcome to the world of Nakadashi Banzai!

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